Since a small child, Nicole aspired to be a photographer, mainly because of her access to her Great Uncle's old photographic magazines which had her mesmerised in the dramatic angles, concepts, black and white photographic art, and vivid colour images offered for inspiration. She also spent countless hours in the darkroom with her Grandmother in the early 1970's, processing black and white photos for Kodak, and with her Grandfather who would trim and package the images before delivering them back to the Kodak building in the city. Work experience through her schooling exposed her to studio photography…which was not that inspiring, and she explored graphic art and other artistic avenues before getting back on track after high school at the Queensland College of Art, studying photography.

With a good level of basic practical and theory under her belt, but not having the patience with the slow level of learning at college, Nicole left before completing her certificate in Photography and sought to learn what she needed through experience. Competing and winning local photographic competitions launched her into her own business, and with her own black and white darkroom installed she on the verandah of her parent home contracting to local businesses including newspapers, council, real estates. She also did weddings on the weekends and saw these as the cream in her thriving home based business.

Four years later after securing a good reputation in the community as a professional service provider, working with a camera bag on her shoulder day and night, 7 days a week, and every Sunday morning in the darkroom to meet newspaper deadlines…Nicole realised she was burnt out. 'Head down and bum up' without looking ahead and planning for expansion had her worked into a corner and she felt trapped. There had to be more than this….21 years old and a little home based business in the suburbs. She walked away and didn't use a camera for almost 20 years….